Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mt Eboshi-dake

This morning we set out for Mt Eboshidake this is right here in Sasebo, so wasn't much of a drive at all, except for the really small roads up the mountain. The park they had there wasn't much I really didn't care for it, but we hiked up the rest of the mountain and there was a great view from the top. The girls all had fun and we went along with Jane and her girls again and Kayleigh loves getting together with them. Here is a map of the little park they had, you could do go carts, ball pit, the sledding section was closed. Kayleigh did not care for the ball pit at all she didn't like it, not even a little :)

She liked this really tall slide though lol

View from the top of the mountain

The girls we finally made it to the top :) This is 1337 meters high (if the website I found is right) Looking down, we are really high up. Here is where Tony comes in when on ship.

Richmonds and Barnes without the Hubbies lol

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